Windows 7 – PPTP VPN vs. SSTP VPN

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Windows 7 PPTP VPNVPNs have many uses, and even more types of people that use them.  This guide is for users looking to access blocked sites, download torrents, stream content from other countries, and otherwise make use a VPN SERVICE.  If you’re looking for a tutorial for how to set up a Windows 7 PPTP VPN for connection to your home office or to access YOUR OWN computer network remotely – you’re in the wrong place.

Don’t worry though – I won’t completely ditch you. You can find more information on that stuff at Groovy Post and SOFTLAYER for instructions on how to set up a Windows 7 PPTP VPN for your home office or work network.

If you just want to connect to a VPN because your workplace blocked Facebook, you’re living abroad is China, Egypt, or other places that censor the internet, you wan to access movies, music, and TV from around the world, or are just looking for a private connection on public networks, then you’re in the right place.

PPP and SSL encryptionNow, lets first discuss why you would want to use PPTP on Windows 7.  I mean, by all means, you CAN, but do you really want to?  The answer is maybe.


Well, the thing is PPTP is still using the age-old PPP encryption.  This is pretty old school, and if you’re looking for privacy or security, then this isn’t the best choice.  Not everyone is looking for anonymity on the internet though so who might benefit from a Windows 7 PPTP VPN connection?

Someone looking to…

* stream movies, music, and TV from other countries
* download anonymously
* unblock banned sites

So you can see that anonymity and security doesn’t play into these.  It’s basically that you need to change your IP address. After all, Netflix and iPlayer aren’t going to track down you IP, hack you, and steal your credit card information, right?  And your employer isn’t going to spend hours trying find out why he can’t seem to find your computer on the network.  PPTP is cheaper and faster, and widely available.


Best VPN Services with PPTP for Windows 7

Hide My Ass PPTP VPN

Hide My Ass

  • + 40 country locations
  • + 30 day money back guarantee
  • + Torrents allowed

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  • 12VPN Win 7 VPN+ Great customer service
  • + Military grade encryption upgrades (OpenVPN, also can be used on Win 7)
  • + VPN Router options

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  • StrongVPN PPTP VPN+ Cheapest ($55 for 1 year of US/UK IP address)
  • + Live support
  • + SSTP also available (*see below)
  • + Torrents allowed

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Ok, but lets say that you are looking for anonymity and privacy online. In that case, you should be looking for a SSTP VPN.  Though not many services carry this VPN protocol right now, more will in the future.  Microsoft recently developed this VPN protocol to make use of SSL encryption, which is the “+ s” in the “http” when you sign into your accounts.  Have you ever bought anything online and seen the URL prefix change and a little lock show up? Yeah, same stuff. So if it can protect your credit card, it can protect your identity online.

Though OpenVPN is open source software, and many VPN services offer it, for Windows 7, SSTP might be your best option.  Not to say OpenVPN is bad, but SSTP was developed specifically for Microsoft products (BTW, this works with Vista, but not XP).

So better encryption (SSL) than PPTP (PPP) means more security and more anonymity.  Your Win 7 operating system will of course come ready to use SSTP, so installation is a piece of cake.


Best VPN Services with SSTP VPN for Win 7



  • StrongVPN SSTP VPN+ Cheap ($55 per year, as mentioned above)
  • + Fast
  • + Live support
  • + 7 day money back guarantee
  • + Torrents allowed

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  • PureVPN SSTP VPN+ Free & unlimited server switching
  • + 14 country locations in all packages
  • + Live support
  • + 3 day account available (for those looking for super-short-term subscriptions)
  • + Torrents allowed

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