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VPN Dedicated IPYou may see that a VPN dedicated IP be referred to as a static IP address as well. This are the same thing.  Static, or dedicated IP addresses are in comparison to “dynamic”, or “shared” IP addresses.  Both are common ways to browser/download anonymously on the internet, and you’ll find a variety of combinations available at different VPN service providers.  Not all VPN services offer dedicated IPs, or at least not all are explicit about offering them.

Having a dedicated IP address is good for a number of things. If you’re using a VPN for gaming or business online, you may find that sharing an IP address, or having a dynamic IP (frequently changing) can present a number of problems.  For one, an IP addresses your identity online, and when your identity changes every ten minutes or so, it can set off some red flags.

  1. You may get banned from servers (gaming)
  2. You may cause mistrust with other users and their machines (business)

Depending on what your security needs are, some users prefer to have dynamic IPs, as it’s harder to trace and spy on.  But for reasons of trust and reliability, it may be necessary to use a VPN dedicated IP address.


Here are the best services for dedicated IP addresses.



VPN IP For TorrentsOne of the most trusted names in VPN services, all of their OpenVPN servers are dedicated IP addresses. You’ll notice that many services offer free and unlimited server switching, while StrongVPN does not. This is probably why. Each time you sign into an OpenVPN server, you’re assigned a static/dedicate IP, which will not change until you do so manually. Even signing out of the VPN server and signing back in will result in you having the same (still anonymous) IP.  There are options for PPTP and L2TP static IP addresses, but much fewer.

There are a large variety of plans available, which can be overwhelming to a new user.  Take your time.  a “Lite OpenVPN” package will cost you $10 per month, which isn’t a bad price for 5 city locations in The US (170 VPN servers), and you can get more server location options (as well as more server switches) with upgrades of $15, $20, or $30. There are of course discounts for signing up for one year.  You can actually save somewhere between $30 and $130 dollars per year depending on which package you sign up for.  There is also a deal for $85 per year for USA/UK OpenVPN.

My head is already spinning just listing all the option, so take a look for yourself.  There’s 24/7 live support to answer any questions. You can’t go wrong with StrongVPN

StrongVPN dedicated IPGo To StrongVPN



VPN IP AddressPureVPN is another good service to go with.  They’ve simplified the sign-up process to make it much easier to find what you’re looking for, which may appeal to some customers.  They don’t offer OpenVPN however. Their dedicated IP addresses are for PPTP and L2TP.  Though they do offer SSTP, they don’t have dedicated IPs for this VPN protocol.  Their dedicated IP plan is $145 for the year (or $15 per month).  There is a 30 GB bandwidth limit, but that will only affect torrent freaks.  Even an average amount of browsing and downloading (yes, they allow P2P) won’t even come close to 30 gigabytes in a month.  There are also other plans available, including an unlimited bandwidth one, but they are for dynamic IP addresses.

They offer live support, which is very friendly, and I had a great experience with both their PPTP and L2TP VPN, even from China.

PureVPN dedicated IPGo To PureVPN


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