Software to Change IP Address on iPhone and iPad

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software to change ip iphone and ipadIf you want to enjoy movies on websites like Hulu and Netflix on your iPhone and iPad outside the United States then you are going to need a software to change IP address on iPhone and iPad.

The reason for this is that these websites are inaccessible for IP addresses that are not American and if you want to access these websites from outside the US the servers of these websites will recognize you as a non-US resident and will not allow you access to the website.

This is why changing the IP address is the only way of viewing regional sites like Hulu and Netflix on iPad and iPhone.  The same this goes for other sites like BBC iPlayer, and other local TV sites for different countries around the world.

In order to change the IP address of your iPad or iPhone you will need to get a VPN which is software capable of hiding and changing the original IP address of a user. This software allows you to surf the web with a different IP address of a country of your liking which enables you to assume the identity of a user belonging to a different region.

VPN Change IPBy getting an American IP address from the VPN a person can assume the identity of an American resident and can gain access to American-only websites like Hulu and Netflix, or a UK IP will even get you access to UK-only websites like BBC iPlayer.

VPNs are safe to use on all Apple products including iPads and iPhones. The operating system of these devices, iOS, allows a user to run a VPN on two types of networking protocols namely PPTP and L2TP. However if you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone you will be able to use a VPN on OpenVPN/SSL protocols as well.

In addition to providing access to geo-blocked websites a VPN can also enable a person to ensure his safety on the web. Because VPNs employ data encryption and make use of many security protocols they are considered the safest options for surfing the web.

No hacker or government organization will be able to get any information about you if you are going to surf the web while using a VPN. This is because the changed IP address provided by the VPN will make it impossible for the hacker to find you on both public and private networks.

Still another advantage associated with the use of VPNs is that they can be used to access blocked websites as well. If on your travels you go to a country where a website of your liking is blocked then a VPN can help you to access that website with ease.

Change IP FacebookThe key to accessing a blocked website in a country is to change the IP address of your computer or phone and to use an IP address of a country where that particular website is not blocked. A VPN gives a person the opportunity to change IP address and unblock most sites by bypassing firewall restrictions.

Best Service Providers For Software to Change IP Address on iPhone and iPad

So if you want to change your IP address, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Which country do you want your new IP address to be from? (Server Location)
2. Are you going to be download/uploading a lot with your new IP? (Bandwidth Limitations)
3. Are you using torrent software? (Torrent Compatible)
4. Which country are you currently located in? (Software Availability)
5. How much do I want to spend (Price)
6. How long do I need the software (Subscription length)


Hide My Ass

Software to Change IP Address HideMyAss1. 38 countries available, free server switching
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. Torrents are allowed
4. Currently blocked in  China, Iran, and Kuwait
5. $6.55 to $11.52 per month
6. 1 month, 6 months, 12 months available

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12VPN Change IP1. 6 countries available, free server switching
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. No Torrents
4. Alternate site available for blocked areas (click HERE)
5. $79 – $119 per year
6. Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual available

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StrongVPN Change IP Windows1. 29 countries available, limited server switching (5-12 times depending on package)
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. Torrents are allowed
4. Blocked in China
5. $55 – $210 per year, $7 – $30 per month
6. 1-month, 6-month, 12-month subscriptions available

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Web Based Proxy – SecuriTales

SecuriTales Change IP1. No installation necessary
2. Can unblock sites
3. $6-$8 per month
4. 2-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions

>>> Go To


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