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Hide IP AddressHaving a private IP address on the internet can keep your online activity anonymous.  What sites your visit, what you download/upload, who you chat with, the contents of your emails, and even your physical location can be discovered and hijacked while you surf the net with your real IP, especially on public networks.  A private IP from a VPN service does a couple of things.

  1. It replaces your real IP with a VPN IP
  2. It passively protects you against deep packet searching, spying, and identity theft by making you anonymous online
  3. It actively protects you against full-on hacks with VPN tunneling and SSL encryption
  4. It can bypass firewalls, unblock sites, and even speed up you internet connection on restricted networks

Virtual private networks are a monthly service, and there are a variety of companies, with a range of packages. Each services has unique features and servers in different locations. Server location will affect the type of IP you have – for example, if you sign into a VPN server in The USA, you’ll get an American IP address. The same would apply if you signed into a server in The UK – you’ll get a British IP address.  Prices will vary from less than $10 dollars a month, to more than $20, depending on the service you choose.  Number and reliability of servers, as well as customer support will of course influence this price.

Best VPN services


+ Hide My Ass for Privacy and Features

HMA Private IP AddressHide My Ass is a very popular VPN service because it takes care of just about everything. First off, it has lots of free stuff for being anonymous online.

  • Free Web Based Proxy
  • Free Link Cloaker (for anonymous site linking)
  • Free Anonymous Uploading
  • Free Open Proxy List

They’ve of course got a ProVPN service as well.  With 37 country IP address, over 200 VPN servers, and 22500 IP addresses, they’ve got the most comprehensive network of private IP addresses I’ve ever come across.  They allow P2P and torrents, have their own Wiki forum for troubleshooting, and even a 30 day money back guarantee if this is your first time signing up. You can choose servers based on speed, or based on how many users are signed in.  You also get free server switching, unlimited bandwidth, and VPN protocols or iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/Linux.  It’s easy to see why I’ve got HMA listed for features.

As for privacy, they’re also very clear.  They DO NOT monitor your online activity. They’re clear about that, and they’ve reiterated that point over and over on their blog, public forums, and even commenting on personal reviews and blogs.  They’re pretty cool about communicating with people reviewing their service.  However, they’re also clear about not supporting illegal activity.  They do log in times you sign into servers, and if they receive complaints from individuals, the DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act – USA), or UK court orders, they can find you.

>>> Go To Hide My Ass


+ 12VPN For Customer Service and User Friendliness

12VPN Private IP AddressThis is a very easy to install VPN, with a great customer service team.  Setup is super easy, and ticket-support customer service is clear, concise, and friendly.  This is the VPN service I signed up for quite a few years back, and I’ve signed up again every year after that.  It’s reliable, its fast, and getting started only takes a few minutes.  There’s a VPN servers in Japan is something that makes them quite unique from other VPN services.  The majority of their servers are in The US and Europe however. $79 for 10 US city locations is a great price as well.  For users seeking VPNs for less common smart phone or computer operating systems, data encryption upgrades, or for users in China/The Middle East, this is the service for you.

>>> Go To 12VPN

<<< Alternate Site for China


+ StrongVPN for Overall VPN Service

StrongVPN Private IP AddressWith plans starting at $55 per year, and going up to $30 per month, you can imagine that there’s a wide variety of choice in between.  Some plans feature just one or two VPN server country locations, and some plans offer 19.  Dedicated IP addresses as well as dynamic IP addresses are available.  They provide support for Nokia, Mac, Linux, DD-WRT, Windows, iOS, and maybe others (but who really uses anything else?). SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN means they have pretty much all their bases covered.  They also have live support and a 7 day money back guarantee.  Need I say more? Oh yeah, and they’re cool with torrents.

>>> Go To StrongVPN


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