3 Ways To Change Your IP Address in Vista

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Intro – Change Your IP Address in Vista

Change IP Address in Windows VistaYour “IP address” is like a post office box for your computer. Changing your IP in Vista is much like changing your mailing address. The post office is your modem and many boxes are serviced by one post office. However there are many cases where you might want a return address that might be different than before.

There are some cases where your address is important in what other post offices (servers) require. Fortunately it is pretty easy to change your address to suit what needs you might have.

First things first, if you want to change your IP address in Vista the long way it works like changing any other setting. The start menu button in the lower left will show you the control panel. After you are in the control panel click on the “Network and Internet” option and then the “Network and Sharing Center”. You should now have “Manage Network Connections” as an option and click it.

If your computer is a part of a larger network this might be the trickiest part but it still shouldn’t be a big deal. Choose which internet connection you want to change if you have more than one enabled. For most users they’ll only have one to worry about and either way you will only need to change the one you plan on using.

vista screenshotAt this window right-click and select “Properties” and then the “Networking” tab. Choose Internet version protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6) if you have the most recent service packs, if not go with version 4. Now all you need to do is click “Obtain an IP Address Automatically” and then click okay. Now you should see a field for you to enter a new IP address, labeled “Use the Following IP Address” and copy and paste a new IP. There are many third party IP address providers to choose from, and these would provide you a list and their benefits.

Enter the IP address into these three boxes. A) “IP address” B) “subnet mask” and C) “default gateway”. The “default gateway” is a way of saying primary mailing address. If you are changing the DNS server settings in Vista than you only have a few different steps to
worry about.

At the last screen choose “Obtain DNS server address automatically” then okay. Click “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses” so that you can manually change them. Now you type your primary DNS server address into the box that says “Preferred DNS server” and the secondary one in the one that says “Alternate”. The first one is where you would want to set the proxy or other IP.

If you are trying to add a new network protocol in Vista click on “Properties” then “Install” from “Manage Network Connections” then click on “Client” then “Protocol” now it’s just a simple “Add” and an OK and you should be all done.

More Tips – Change Your IP Address in Vista

Finding a new IP will be the most difficult place if you don’t know where to look. The good news is there are a lot of spare IP addresses out there and by finding a service that lends you an IP like an anonymous proxy service, this can be relatively painless. Proxies tend to be less reliable and less secure then virtual private networks.

A virtual private network takes all the hard work out of quiet, secure, anonymous browsing of the internet. Fulfilling your needs is the biggest factor in what you’ll need to pick in the way of an IP solution.


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