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It has often been said that the internet is one of the most democratizing thing ever invented.  Software to change IP address are the next step protecting it. As we’ve seen throughout history, the powers that be have more to gain by limiting your access to information and sharing your voice with the world. Fortunately, through the hard work of internet freedom fighters you have safe ways out.

Change IP Address

Conducting business in parts of the world that are still struggling with globalization has its challenges. Often regimes that are trying to foster growth are also trying desperately to hang onto their control over citizens. This conflict has resulted in many problems with people who have attempted to operate through the internet in a foreign country as they would their own. Trying to conduct business can be even worse. What many who travel the world don’t realize is that business and financial traffic in many parts of the world can be quite difficult as compared to back home.

Unblock SitesThe heavy hands of internet traffic at a national level are rarely savvy enough to know what servers to allow access and which ones not to. Often obstruction will be total or it will be such an impediment to international trade and communication that business in that country becomes impossible. Tools have been created to help those who are trying to make the world a more prosperous and free place.

The internet proxy has suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. Because they are such useful quick and dirty ways to produce anonymity, they often come under fire. They are the go-to for anyone or organization that is looking to actively circumvent internet restriction, free of charge. Naturally this leads to a negative reaction by those doing the restricting. They are best used with caution and discretion. However, the humble internet proxy can be used just like any other tool. If you are trying to do business online and your communication with your customers, vendors, or investors are blocked this is a free means of access.

Virtual Private Network SoftwareHowever, it being free you get what you pay for. Proxies are notorious for their latency issues. As you send information out into the cloud it bounces through you proxy of choice and then back to your destination. This can lead to downtime, a slow connection and a decrease in overall productivity. The good news is there is a better way to both remain anonymous online without nearly this many hassles. The solution is a virtual private network.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provide all of the benefits of a proxy without the drawbacks. Usually offered as an upgrade by the same host as a proxy VPN’s are typically their premium service. VPN’s are more reliable far more secure and dodge many of the hassles of preserving online anonymity. Instead of your data bouncing off of it, your data is tunneled through it. This data tunneling allows you to access the true freedom that is inherent to the internet while continuing business as usual. For an uninterrupted business flow, consider a proxy or VPN today.

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